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Costain innovation portal

Smart thinking, improving lives

Grow your business, be an innovation leader

Strategic focus

Costain, the smart infrastructure solutions company, helps to improve people’s lives by providing integrated leading edge, digitally optimised smart infrastructure solutions for clients in the UK’s energy, water, transportation and defence markets. We keep water clean and flowing. We power communities sustainably. We connect and keep the nation moving. We keep our people safe. Our focus, to help foster innovation throughout our business, ensuring we are at the leading edge of innovation, is to direct our research, development and innovation pursuits around these four industry areas

Sustainable green energy

Alternative energy sources and advances in digital technology are creating a more competitive and dynamic energy market by providing consumers access to greater choice.

Tomorrow's transport

To keep up with growing demand and the need for improved connectivity, commitment to transport infrastructure is vital for our economy to thrive.

Intelligent infrastructure

Technology is transforming how we personally live and work, and how businesses can meet ever more demanding challenges. This accelerated trend is dramatically improving the capacity, resilience, efficiency and customer service in many industries.


Nano-technology impacts every aspect of our lives, enabling the development of sophisticated technology, from superfast computers to nano-modified materials with enhanced mechanical properties and improved sustainability profiles.


Whether its a game changing idea or an existing product, Costain can assist in their evolution from proof of concept to best practice

Academics and researchers

Innovation is part of our DNA.
Help us seed and turn your research into a proof of concept

Small business

Like to Think Big? Come join our ecosystem. Together we can turn your big ideas into big business

Our process

We want to turn our supply chain from a hierarchy to a network. We truly believe that future success lies in collaboration. Costain's innovation group is committed to driving this idea forward.

Innovation collaboration across hundreds of businesses focused on accelerating new solutions is a reality with our innovation portal. As a business we can manage multiple innovations at different stages, capture learning and advancing these innovation into our standard offering to our customers.

Tim Embley

Group Research & Innovation Director, Costain

Costain has found ways to successfully merge innovation with complex engineering services by collaborating with our supply chain. Our workforce foster innovation at all levels of the organisation and this enhances our pursuit of platform and breakthrough innovation, positioning Costain to drive change in the industry. Costain is leading the development of requirements and abilities needed to achieve Industry 4.0, addressing the Governments Industrial Strategy.

Philip Pitman

Innovation Manager, Costain

1. Submission

Submit a new innovation that addresses one or more challenges for our business

2. Evaluation

Innovation is evaluated by a panel of experts and specialists

3. Implementation

Work with our site team to trial and implement your innovation on Costain projects

Academics, SMEs and key suppliers